The Heal The Heroes Initiative aims to provide military veterans and first responders with the opportunity to gain the healing they’ve been searching for during and after their transition from military and service careers to civilian life.

104 Heroes (4 platoons of 26 veterans and first responders) complete the year-long Heal The Heroes Program each year.  The Heroes then graduate into the Heal the Heroes Veterans Community, which integrates past, present, and future platoons into a lifelong community, providing lasting support, opportunity, and motivation.

Upcoming Platoon Start Dates

Platoon 8 – October 13-17, 2024

Platoon 9 – January 2025


Nominating a veteran or first responder allows the Aerial Recovery team to connect to deserving heroes all over the world who will receive an entire year of healing and education.

Veterans and first responders that take part in this initiative are not asked to pay for their seat, meaning this initiative is fully funded by our donors and sponsors. If you would like to contribute to hero’s healing and repurposing, please click the button below to donate.



The Heal The Heroes Initiative begins with a life-changing retreat held at The Aerial, BVI – a key sponsor of the Heal the Heroes program.

This retreat is an immersive experience where attendees will find center, discover their purpose, and create lasting bonds with those in the program.

Veterans and first responders will go home with a renewed sense of purpose as well as the tools, community, and resources to be able to take their lives, relationships and impact to the next level.


The Heal The Heroes Retreat has been designed and is led by veterans from the special operations community, trauma specialists, and doctors who have experienced extreme trauma, found healing, and were able to rebuild their lives.

Each session, activity, and therapy has been curated to create a cathartic experience that lasts a lifetime and builds the foundation for the next steps in the initiative.


During the Heal the Heroes Retreat, Heroes engage with the animals that have been rescued and rehabilitated for equine healing at Redemption Ranch.

Redemption Ranch is an Aerial Recovery initiative that is more than just an animal rescue initiative. It’s a sanctuary of transformation and healing. Each horse, pony, zebra, and tortoise here has a story of survival, having overcome neglect, abuse, or imminent death.

In this sanctuary, they find not only safety and rehabilitation but a new purpose in life. These precious animals, once victims, become healers, imparting crucial emotional intelligence skills – empathy, kindness, and self-worth – to at-risk individuals, particularly veterans, first responders, and survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.


To help rescue additional animals, to sponsor, partner or get involved click the button below.



The 12-week Mentorship Program is led by retired Green Beret Jeremy Locke.

The program is a safe community for veterans and first responders to heal, connect and grow through Locke’s “Strong 6” program which focuses on:

  1. Physical Strength
  2. Financial Strength
  3. Relational Strength
  4. Mental Strength
  5. Spiritual Strength
  6. Experiential Strength


After graduating from the 12-week Mentorship Program, these veterans and first responders will join G-FORCE Mastermind, an exclusive community of Entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives, businesses, and resources to being a force for good in the world.

Over the course of 9 months, the heroes will join a monthly call to grow and gain resources in:

  • Purpose clarification and new mission design
  • Programs and opportunities that are available to veterans
  • Investment mentorship in Stock Market, Crypto Trading, and Real Estate
  • A TRUSTED TEAM to provide support for veterans facing obstacles
  • Integrating to a thriving civilian life
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • On-call counselor and mentors


Following their 9 months in G-FORCE, the heroes are then invited to join the Heroes’ Community for life, which offers service opportunities globally:

  • Serving in disaster zones
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Teaching opportunities
  • Anti-trafficking Initiatives

Aerial Recovery’s ongoing ability to serve and respond globally is powered by these men and women who have completed the Heal the Heroes Initiative. 


Nominating a veteran or first responder allows the Aerial Recovery team to be connected with deserving people all over the world to receive an entire year of healing and education.

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