Aerial Recovery’s Mission is to Save Lives & Stop Evil

Aerial Recovery trains and deploys Humanitarian Special Operators, to effectively respond to natural disasters and man-made disasters and combat sex trafficking. Made up of Veterans and First Responders from their Heal the Heroes Initiative, Aerial tackles some of the most difficult rescue and response missions across the globe.


Aerial Recovery stands upon 3 core pillars, which all work together to accomplish our mission.

Heal the Heroes

The first pillar is the “Heal the Heroes” Initiative, which gives veterans and first responders who are struggling, an opportunity to heal and find their purpose again. Heal the Heroes is a 1 year program that starts by focusing on healing, retraining and repurposing these heroes into what we call humanitarian special operators.

Disaster Response

The second pillar is natural, and man-made disaster relief. The Hereos from the Heal the Heroes Initiative are trained as Humanitarian special operators who deploy to natural and man-made disasters across the globe to give a hand up to those most in need. Poverty, disasters, and desperation create vulnerability. Traffickers know this, and they prey upon these vulnerable people.

Anti-Human Trafficking

The third pillar is Anti-Human Trafficking. Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal enterprise in the world today.
49.6 million people are currently enslaved for either labor, sexual exploitation, or organ harvesting. The Heroes deploy globally to work alongside local police, prosecutors, and special task forces to assist in shutting down these criminal operations and to rescue children.

NEWS: Aerial Recovery Partners with Gideon Rescue

Gideon Rescue has donated canines to Aerial Recovery to be trained for use in future disaster relief and recovery missions, as well as in Anti-Human Trafficking operations.

The new K9 team members are being trained by members of Aerial Recovery’s Heal the Heroes Initiative for these specialized uses.