The purpose of the Caregivers Summit initiative is to provide people who are full-time caregivers to others with special needs, injuries, or illnesses. These Caregivers give so much to others, while oftentimes neglecting themselves. The Caregivers Summit is their chance to be taken care of, heal, and restore so they can continue to give their best to others.

Aerial Recovery’s partner for this initiative is Winners Travel Foundation. Through Aerial Recovery’s partnership with the Winners Travel Foundation we are able to find some of the most deserving people from around the world and gift them with the trip of a lifetime.

In 2022, Aerial Recovery and Winners Travel Foundation will be partnering to host at least one Caregivers Summit in the late summer – early fall.

Dates To Be Announced

Nominating a Caregiver allows the Aerial Recovery and Winners Travel team to be connected with more deserving people all over the world to receive a once in a lifetime opportunity for restoration and healing.

Caregivers that take part in this initiative are not asked to pay for their seat, meaning this initiative is fully funded by our donors and sponsors. If you would like to contribute to giving back to Caregivers who have given so much, please click the button below to donate.


The Caregivers Summit takes place at The Aerial BVI, a private island in the British Virgin Islands designed to allow people to connect back to themselves and nature, find inner healing and breakthrough, and stay present.

This 5-day, all-inclusive summit is an immersive experience where Caregivers will find center, discover their purpose, experience ultimate relaxation and restoration, and create lasting bonds with those in the shared experience.

All with the purpose of allowing these Caregivers to focus on themseleves, so that they can learn how to give even more to those that they love to serve.

Watch the video from the 2021 Caregivers Summit to see the impact of this iniative.


The Caregivers Summit is lead by entrepreneurs, therapists, and doctors to provide the most well-rounded and transformative experience. The initiative has been designed with the help of Caregivers themselves who have found healing through the summit and its exercises.

Each session, activity, and therapy has been curated to create a cathartic experience that lasts a lifetime and creates the foundation for these Caregivers to build upon after this summit.


Nominating a Caregiver allows Aerial Recovery and Winners Travel teams to be connected with more deserving people all over the world to receive this once in a lifetime opportunity for restoration and healing.

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